Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Little Witches!

My two little witches!

Go Irish!

Molly is a cheerleader with she is with Matthew and a witch when she is with Margaret!

Here come the Irish!

Matthew is getting ready to head off to Notre Dame to play for the Irish!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


We have had a busy few weeks since I made the last posts. I walked in the 60 mile Breast Cancer Walk! I will be posting pictures soon! Margaret went to a cheerleading clinic with the high school cheerleaders. She cheered at a Freshman game and she did a great job. She is busy with CCD, dance class and lots of homework! :) Matthew just finished his soccer season. He had a great time and really loved having Brian be his coach. They are going to start having guys night once a week. I guess you can call that bonding time! Molly is almost a year old. Time goes by quick! She loves to go up and down the stairs each day. :) She has been a joy and always has a smile. Brian and I enjoyed a night away and went to the Ohio State football game. We had a great time!


A witch!

My mom and I thought I would make a great witch for Halloween! I decided that I wanted to be a nice witch! My mom made my skirt. Her good friend Allery gave her the idea. Thanks Allery! My friend Gabs and my sister are going to look the same but with different color skirts!

Soccer team!

Matthew had his last soccer game of the season over the weekend! He had a great time playing and so did his dad!

What a face!

They made me go the Grand Blanc football game again! This time my sister was cheering during the game. I really don't sit still but they still take me along!

Helping mom!

I decided to help my mom with the laundry and I took it out of the basket and climbed right in! Smile!

Elmo is so boring!

My mom thought she could get some cleaning done so she put me in my seat to watch Elmo. Well..... it was really boring so decided to take a nap!
Sleep Tight!

Bobcat Cheerleading!

Margaret signed up for the Grand Blanc cheer clinic again this year! She had a great time!

Making Applesause

I had to bring in an apple to my classroom because we were learning how to make applesause! I take after my dad and really like green apples! Yummy and what a great day!

My special week!

I was the special star of the week! I made a really cool poster! I helped with the calendar and weather board all week.


I just celebrated by 11 months b-day! My mom wanted to take pictures of me!

It is cold here in Michigan!

It is cold here in Michigan! My mom put me in these warm P'J's and tried on my new hat. Now I have to find a coat to match!