Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun Summer

It has been a long time since I posted pictures! I have been really bad but I promise to start getting better! We have had a great few months. Margaret finished 1st grade, Matthew finished Pre-K and Molly is still hanging out with Mom. We started out summer with the kids going to Vacation Bible School. They had a great time and we sing the songs often in the car. Margaret went to her Grandpa and Grandma Leyes house for a week. Then we were off to Chicago to see Uncle Adam and enjoy a great weekend with Nana and Grandpa. The kids loved the train. Brian and I came to realize that we were done having kids and that 3 was enough! The following week we were off to North Carolina. We had a wonderful time with the kids and great friends. On the way home we stoppped in Plymouth for Nana and Pop-Pop's 65th wedding anniversary. We had a great time seeing everyone! As for the rest of the summer we are planning a trip to New Castle in August and my parents are coming up. We do not start school until the 8th of September so we have a plenty of time left!



These are kids that all live around us and play together!


Matthew is getting ready for the football season!

Cool Shades

Looking good in my cool shades! Molly Anne

Happy 65 years Nana and Pop-Pop

On our way home from North Carolina we stopped in Plymouth to celebrate my grandparents 65th anniversary! All of my aunts, uncles, cousins and their spouses were there to celebrate! We had a great time!

North Carolina

We took a family trip in July to North Carolina. My Pop-pop and Nana own a house in the moutains.. We went with 3 of Brian's frat brothers and their familes! We had a wonderful time!


Molly having a cool treat!

Matthew graduated from Pre-K

Matthew graduates from Pre-K!

Margaret's Last Day of School

Margaret finished up 1st grade with Cook Field Day! She had her face painted with a flower!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Busy Month

Greetings! Is is Spring yet? I hope soon! I have been a very bad at posting pictures. Our life has been very busy these past few months. I celebrated my 33rd b-day in February. Brian and I were sitting on the couch watching TV when I said we are for sure done with having any more kids. It just came to me. We run and run as it goes now. Matthew turned 5 and we signed him up for school. Of course, I cried when we left. Margaret is well into her dance class and has her big performance in May. Then there is Molly...... She is the joy and crazy one of the family. We always look at her and say "Yes, Molly we know that you want to be the baby in the family". She is a busy toddler and gives us a run for our money! We do make a lot of phone calls to Aunt Jenny telling her that we are sending Molly her way. :) Brian is staying extra busy at work! That is a good thing and loves his job! I been trying to have craft night with my friend Allery each week but sometimes that turns into talking and not much gets done! :) Margaret and Matthew are getting ready to start soccer and Brian is coaching both teams. It will be very busy spring. We are traveling to Indiana over spring break to see both familes. We have not been able to meet our new niece, Alivia. It will be nice seeing everyone!

We hope everyone is doing well!


Margaret, Matthew and Molly


Molly Anne


Look Daddy

Molly decided to climb up on the TV stand! Not a real great idea! We did send daddy the picture!

Playing with the Laundry

Molly and Matthew in the laundry basket

Fun Times

Margaret and Matthew

Matt is off!

Matthew is getting ready to take off!

Dayton AF Musuem

Margaret and Matthew

Off to Space

Matthew is off to space! He was so excited to make this he forgot to spell his name right!

Your the best


Dancing Away

Brian and Margaret dancing away

Off to the Daddy/Daughter Dance

Brian putting flowers on Margaret

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Matthew!

Matthew turned 5 on March 6! He is getting so big now!

Matthew's Cake

Matthew's b-day cake!

Thanks Uncle Mike

Matthew's new orange car from Uncle Mike!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Love from cold Grand Blanc.....

Last weekend, Brian's sister and family came for a visit. We had a great time shopping and visiting with them. Brian and Dan worked most of the day on a video for Dan's dads b-day. Jenny and I caught up on things and had a great time watching the kids play. On Sunday night, we all put on jerserys to watch the Superbowl. Now if it could only warm up things would be great!


Our Supebowl Party Oufits

Margaret wanted us to wear our jerserys for the Superbowl. Matthew, Brian and Margaret have the Irish #7. Molly and I have on the Colts #18.

Cousin Love

Molly trying to give Christopher a hug!

Another Picture

Matthew and Dane sitting very nice so we could take just one more picture!

Jillian and Margaret

Jillian and Margaret were busy playing house over the weekend!

I can do it!

I love to climb under things! It makes my mom nuts! I can do it! Molly Anne

Dance Moves

I love to dance! Check out my moves! Molly Anne

Kissing Sisters

Margaret and Molly giving some sister love!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

Greetings from Grand Blanc, Michigan where we have had over 52 inches of snow this season. The sad part is that we are only in the middle/end of January. We have a good month at home. The two older kids started swimming lessons on Saturday's. They both are enjoying it. Molly is a ham. She loves to follow the older ones around and loves to dance. I think she may take after her Nana. We are excited to have visitors the next two weekends. Brian's brother is coming this weekend and his sister and family the next weekend. We have been missing family so it will be nice to have some visit! (So hopefully no no snow so they can get here to visit!) Keep checking back for some new pictures!



My mom says that my middle name is Sassy!

Little Megan

I am checking out the new In Touch magazine. Daddy says I act just like my mommy. I say that is good!

Saving money

My mom got me this new cape for me when my dad cuts my hair. I now save my mom and dad about 30.00 dollars a month. My dad cuts my hair. :)

Ohio State

I got a new ear warming band. My mom found it in Grand Blanc at our Walmart! Go Bucks!

Getting into Margarets things

I love getting into my sisters hair stuff! I am getting really good at putting on headbands!

Dress time

Margaret trying on old dresses that I wore in weddings!

So Cute

Molly getting ready to get into something! She has the look!

Where is Molly?

Molly taking time out behind the chair. I wonder what is going on?

Love the sister

Matthew trying to hold Molly on his lap!


Molly taking time out to say hello!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A rough week of football for the Leyes family

Well, we can always say next year! The week started off by watching the Colts loose in OT and then the Ohio State loss in the last seconds of the game. Brian put away his jerserys very sad until the fall. :) We did dress up for the games and cheered them along!

Ohio State

Molly loves wearing the Ohio State hat!
Go Bucks!

Go Colts!

Let's Go Colts!