Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Busy Month

Greetings! Is is Spring yet? I hope soon! I have been a very bad at posting pictures. Our life has been very busy these past few months. I celebrated my 33rd b-day in February. Brian and I were sitting on the couch watching TV when I said we are for sure done with having any more kids. It just came to me. We run and run as it goes now. Matthew turned 5 and we signed him up for school. Of course, I cried when we left. Margaret is well into her dance class and has her big performance in May. Then there is Molly...... She is the joy and crazy one of the family. We always look at her and say "Yes, Molly we know that you want to be the baby in the family". She is a busy toddler and gives us a run for our money! We do make a lot of phone calls to Aunt Jenny telling her that we are sending Molly her way. :) Brian is staying extra busy at work! That is a good thing and loves his job! I been trying to have craft night with my friend Allery each week but sometimes that turns into talking and not much gets done! :) Margaret and Matthew are getting ready to start soccer and Brian is coaching both teams. It will be very busy spring. We are traveling to Indiana over spring break to see both familes. We have not been able to meet our new niece, Alivia. It will be nice seeing everyone!

We hope everyone is doing well!


Margaret, Matthew and Molly


Molly Anne


Look Daddy

Molly decided to climb up on the TV stand! Not a real great idea! We did send daddy the picture!

Playing with the Laundry

Molly and Matthew in the laundry basket

Fun Times

Margaret and Matthew

Matt is off!

Matthew is getting ready to take off!

Dayton AF Musuem

Margaret and Matthew

Off to Space

Matthew is off to space! He was so excited to make this he forgot to spell his name right!

Your the best


Dancing Away

Brian and Margaret dancing away

Off to the Daddy/Daughter Dance

Brian putting flowers on Margaret

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Matthew!

Matthew turned 5 on March 6! He is getting so big now!

Matthew's Cake

Matthew's b-day cake!

Thanks Uncle Mike

Matthew's new orange car from Uncle Mike!