Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Indiana Trip!

We took a family trip to Indiana for a week and half this year. We started out in Plymouth. The kids enjoyed playing with their cousin Diego and meeting their new cousin Ellie. We enjoyed swimming in the lake, playing games and enjoyed the family time. Adam came in from Chicago and it was nice to have everyone together. Then we left for New Castle. There we had a pool party and went the a splash pad. The kids loved playing with their 6 cousins. Then on our way home we stopped to see Aunt June and Grandpa and Grandma Gifford. It was a very nice visit and we need to stop by more often. We had a wondeful week and a half but are glad to be home!

Our fun new gifts

We stopped by Battle Creek on our way back Grand Blanc to visit Aunt June and Grandpa and Grandma. Aunt June gave the kids a car painting kit and a bracelet making kit. The kids were very excited and had fun making their projects!

Another visit on our trip!

Margaret, Matthew, and Molly with their Great Grandma and Grandpa Gifford.

Kissing Cousins

Christopher (14 months) and Molly

Molly driving the boat

Uncle Dave and Aunt Anna had a pool party. The kids loved swimming in the pool. Molly like driving the boat!


Matthew and his great grandma are playing a game of Sorry. Matthew was telling her all of the rules and how to play the game!

Off to Grandpa and Grandma's house

The mini-van is loaded as we stopped to pick up cousin Jillian.

The Boys

Diego and Matthew hanging out for the night!


Molly, Little Nana, Ellie and Margaret taking a break for a picture!

The Girls

Margaret and Molly

Corn Hole

Matthew, Pop-Pop, Brit and Lily playing corn hole!

Pretty Lake

Margaret and Matthew swimming in Pretty Lake!