Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I love my mom's mac and cheese!

I had my mom's homemade mac and cheese! It was very yummy! I decided to make a mess when I was eating!

All I want for Christmas is My 2 Front Teeth!

I lost my two front teeth in one week! I did get 2.00 for each tooth. My mom just smiles when she looks at me. I have school pictures in a week so I am sure they will be great!

My new specs!

I got new sports glasses! My mom told me that my Uncle Geoff us to have some of these! I do like to wear them. I am off to soccer practice!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm A Big Kid Now!

Molly is enjoying eating "big kid" food now! Yummy!

New glasses and lost tooth!

Margaret and Matthew got new glasses. Margaret also lost her third tooth! She was very excited that the tooth fairy came!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Let's Go Bobcats!

Margaret, Matthew and Molly getting ready for the football game. They love cheering on the Grand Blanc Bobcats!

Mom's Taxi Service!

Life is crazy and busy in Grand Blanc for the Leyes family. I have been excited about the day that I would be the "Soccer Mom". Well, that day is here and I am saying to myself what was I thinking! Margaret started CCD classes at our church. She has that once a week along with dance and is getting ready to start swim lessons. Plus the homework! Times have changed with homework! :) Matthew has soccer every weekend and then practice once a week. He started Pre-K and has that 3 days a week. Molly, she is just hanging out and getting a lot of carseat time. She is so good and just smiles. :)

Getting ready for CCD!

Margaret started CCD classes at our church on Monday.


Matthew getting ready to practice soccer!

Off to dance!

Margaret started dance class again this year! She is taking tap and ballet.

Soccer Time!

Matthew started soccer this past weekend! The team needed a coach so Brian decide to take one for the team and coach! They only had one practice that was scheduled before their first game and it was rained out! They had two games this weekends. Matthew loved it and by the second game was doing really well. Brian had a great time! He got a shirt and a bag of goodies. The team plays 8 games in the fall and then again in the spring!

Coach Brian and Matthew

Getting ready for the game!

Team meeting!


Soccer Time!

Matthew getting ready for his soccer game!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thanks Allery!

My great friend, Allery, made the layout for my blog! Thanks! I love it!!! :)


Other First Day of School!

Matthew started his first day of Pre-K! He goes three days a week for 2 1/2 hours! He was excited to see all of his friends and teachers! On Friday, Matthew has to bring snack for his class and make a posterboard "All About Me". He is very excited about making this! It is going to be our Thursday project! :) Tonight he starts soccer with Brian being the head coach! Check back later for more pics!


Matthew's First Day!

Matthew standing outside his school!

Matthew's !st Day of School!

Matthew is getting ready to get in the van and head off to Pre-K!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Margaret's First Day of School!

Margaret started her first day of 1st grade! She was very excited and happy today when she woke up! Brian went to work late so he could see her get on the bus. I think that every dad did the same thing this morning! Matthew was not upset that Margaret started school today and had a long day as he calls it. He did cry when Brian left because he had four days off and Matthew would love for him to stay home all of the time! Matthew starts school in the morning! Our crazy and busy fall has started with school, soccer, swimming, dance and CCD classes. I guess it will be fun and busy all at once! :) Keep checking back for more updates from the Leyes Family!


There she goes!

Margaret getting on the bus! I can't believe it is another year!

The kids

My mom told me that life would be crazy and different for awhile. She told me that Margaret would start school today and Matthew on Wed. I guess I can't sit at the bottom of the stairs and wait for them to wake up anymore. I will miss my buds!
Molly Anne

Margaret and Matthew

Margaret and Matthew on the first day of school!

I am now in 1st Grade!

Margaret started 1st grade today! She was excited!