Monday, May 19, 2008

What a fun and surprise weekend!

This past weekend was full of fun and surprises! On Friday, my parents came to Michigan to surprise Margaret for her tap dance show. The kids were very surprised and excited! On Saturday, they ran in the Crim race. They each received metals and did great! On Saturday night, Aunt Jenny, Jillian and Christopher made the long drive from Indiana to surprise the kids. They had so much fun! On Sunday, Margaret had her dance show. She was on a huge stage and did great! We were so proud of her! Thanks Nana, Grandpa, Aunt Jenny, Jillian and Christopher for making the long drive here this weekend! We love you!

She did it!

Margaret got her first trophy on Sunday! She was very excited!

My Tap dance outfit

Margaret getting ready for the show!

Margaret and Lexi

Margaret and Lexi with their make-up on getting ready for the dance show!

The Crim Race

Margaret and Matthew ran in a race this weekend. They each ran 1/4 of a mile. They were very excited!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day weekend

Happy Mother's Day! We spend the weekend in Plymouth visiting Nana and Grandpa. We surprised my mom on Friday for Mother's Day. Adam came into town and we all arrived at their house around nine. She was very excited. It was nice to have everyone all together for the weekend. They guys played golf on Saturday and the girls went to the Farmers Market. We went out to dinner on Saturday night. We had a great time! We hope to do it again soon!


Molly is getting ready for dinner. She was full of smiles.

Our Cousin

We had a chance to see our cousin Diego over the weekend. He turned 2 in February. He is very funny and we had so much fun playing with him.
Margaret, Matthew and Molly

Going out to dinner

Margaret getting ready to go to dinner for Mother's Day.

Planting flowers

Margaret and Matthew are planting flowers at Nana and Grandpa's house over the weekend.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Wedding

This past weekend we went to Indiana for Brian's brothers wedding. The kids had a lot of fun with their cousins. The highlights of the trip were sleeping in the hotel, swimming, the wedding, and having a birthday party for Grandpa and Grandma Leyes. :) We were all very tired this morning but had a so much fun!

Enjoy some of the pictures!



After a fun day it was time to go to sleep. The kids fell asleep right after they hit the bed!

Getting ready for the wedding

Molly in her seat just before the wedding starts!

Our new Aunt

Matthew and Margaret will their new Aunt! All of the kids decided to call her Aunt Pinky. Aunt Anna is just to hard to say!

Fun times

Sam and Matthew saying goodbye!


Sara and Margaret having a great time!

Dance time!

Margaret, Jillian and Matthew loved dancing!

The Leyes Family

Family picture on Friday night!

The Leyes Grandchildren

The Leyes family cousins! Sam(13), Sara (12), Dawson (9), Dane and Margaret (6), Jillian and Matthew (4), Christopher (11 months) and Molly (5 months)

Molly and Brian

Molly and Brian at the dinner for Anna and Dave on Friday night!