Saturday, June 28, 2008

A fun week!

We had a busy week with Vacation Bible School at our church! Margaret and Matthew both went each morning from 9-12. It was a very nice break! :) They had a lot of fun and came home each day with new songs! On Friday, they sang their songs and I had a chance to video tape them. I also decided to take July 4th pictures. I used the grass and the sitting place. It was Molly's first time in the grass. She made some silly faces! At end of the week the kids were excited because Nana and Grandpa were coming up. They are picking up Margaret to take her back to Indiana for a week. She is very excited and I think that Nana has some surprises in store for her! We will pick her up on the 3rd of July and stay in Indiana for a week and a half. We will be in Plymouth and New Castle visiting family and friends!

What is this stuff?

My mom put me in this grass. She told me that I did better than my sister. I guess that Margaret use to cry when she was in the grass. :) I did decide to taste it. My dad was not happy about that!
Molly Anne

Fun Times

Fun in the sun! Margaret and Matthew played in the sun at their friends house! They loved this bounce house and even played in the water!

Bible School

Margaret and Matthew with their masks on that they made in their classes!

Margaret and Matthew spend the week at Vacation Bible School. They had a lot of fun and learned a lot of songs!


Molly taking break to say hello!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My new toys!

Hi! My mom went down to the basement and brought out these new toys for me. Well, she doesn't know but I they are not new. My sister and brother use to play with them. I still think they are really cool. Thanks Mommy!

Life is Great!

My life is great! It is a little cold here today. My mom put long sleeve shirt on me. I also have on pants! That is fine but I do not like having on my socks! It is fun having my sister and brother home all day! They play with me and I like to watch them fun around the house! Well I am off to play!


Margaret and Matthew went bowling on Saturday. It was Matthew's first time. He loved it so much he did not want to leave. Maybe he is going to be a bowler. :)

Bowling Anyone?

Friday, June 13, 2008

What a fun Thursday!

The kids had their last day of school today. After school we went down to Chrysler and had the chance to meet Kurt Busch who drives the #2 Miller Lite Dodge for Nascar. The kids were very excited and so was I! They had their picture taken by the Chrysler Newspaper! What a fun day!

Kurt Busch

Matthew is telling Kurt Busch were to sign is Miller Lite Dodge car! It was a proud moment for Brian!

Kamryn, Margaret and Matthew with Kurt Busch's race car!

It is summer!

Allery got a cake for the kids to have when they got home from school! Everyone is excited and giving two tumbs up that school is out!

Last day of school

School is out! Margaret, Matthew and Molly

I am off to Pre-K!

Matthew finished his first year the Perry Center. He was in the 3 year old classroom. Next year he is off to Pre-K!

I am off to 1st grade!

Margaret finished her first year at Cook. She is off to 1st grade and in the fall! The year went by very fast!