Friday, February 6, 2009

Love from cold Grand Blanc.....

Last weekend, Brian's sister and family came for a visit. We had a great time shopping and visiting with them. Brian and Dan worked most of the day on a video for Dan's dads b-day. Jenny and I caught up on things and had a great time watching the kids play. On Sunday night, we all put on jerserys to watch the Superbowl. Now if it could only warm up things would be great!


Our Supebowl Party Oufits

Margaret wanted us to wear our jerserys for the Superbowl. Matthew, Brian and Margaret have the Irish #7. Molly and I have on the Colts #18.

Cousin Love

Molly trying to give Christopher a hug!

Another Picture

Matthew and Dane sitting very nice so we could take just one more picture!

Jillian and Margaret

Jillian and Margaret were busy playing house over the weekend!

I can do it!

I love to climb under things! It makes my mom nuts! I can do it! Molly Anne

Dance Moves

I love to dance! Check out my moves! Molly Anne

Kissing Sisters

Margaret and Molly giving some sister love!